2015 Commitments

Made a statement affirming support for the WPS Agenda, but no specific commitment made.

2017 Update!

Although Albania has not yet adopted a National Action Plan for resolution 1325 (2000), gender is mainstreamed across the security sector under the umbrella of its national strategy on gender equality and fight against domestic violence. Albania has also integrated the objectives of resolution 1325 (2000) into its strategies for human-resources management in the armed forces and for public order in Albania’s State police.

Policies and regulations have been developed with a view to facilitating the promotion of women in their careers and through the ranks. The State police has instituted a temporary 50 per cent quota for women in their recruitment policy in order to accelerate the increase in women’s representation.


Albania is currently drafting its National Action Plan with the support of Dutch partners, UN-Women, the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe and the European Union delegation. Albania is making sure that the drafting process brings together not only the relevant Government stakeholders but also civil society and women’s groups, as that is the best way to increase ownership and political will for its future implementation.

Albania has pledged its full support to the Italian initiative of creating a Mediterranean women mediators network, which is a concrete mechanism that aims to prevent and mitigate conflict through the increased participation of women in peace processes.

2018 Update!

In terms of women’s participation in political and public life in Albania, the percentage of women members of Parliament is 29.3 per cent, with 41 female members of Parliament. The current Government, led by Prime Minister Rama, has achieved full gender parity, with half of its members being women, including the Minister of Defence. In 2017, the number of women ambassadors increased to 26 per cent and the number of consuls to 33 per cent, thereby reaching the highest percentage ever of high ranking women in the Albanian foreign service.


In September the Albanian Government approved its first national action plan for resolution 1325 (2000).

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