Albania NAP Overview

Albania launched its first National Action Plan (NAP) for the Implementation of UNSCR 1235 for the period 2018 to 2020.

The NAP was developed and will be implemented by the Government of Albania, in close consultation with representatives of local authorities, the Kingdom of the Netherlands and Sweden, UN Women, OSCE, the European Union and with contributions from civil society organisations (CSOs). The monitoring and evaluation of the NAP will be carried out by an Implementation and Coordination Group (ICG), which will monitor, evaluate and report on the Action Plan. The ICG is comprised of technical representatives from line ministries and a representative from the Coalition of civil society organisations for Resolution 1325 engaged in the women, peace and security agenda.

The main objectives of the NAP are focused on the implementation and monitoring of UNSCR at all levels. This includes local actions to prevent crisis situations and strengthen public awareness; nationally, as part of the government policies in  different  sectors; and active involvement of the country in international activities to promote WPS. The main objectives of the NAP are: improving policy documents and raising awareness on UNSCR 1325, increasing the participation of women in the field of security at home and abroad, establishing a regulatory framework and capacities that enable better protection and rehabilitation of women in the field of peace and security, and  taking measures for better monitoring and reporting of Resolution 1325.

Albania’s first NAP 1325 (2018-2020) is robust and detailed although it does not mention disarmament. It does, however, have clear implementation, financing, monitoring and evaluation strategies and reporting pathways.

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