Cameroon – Indicators

To achieve each output, the NAP has different activities assigned. For example, Output 1.3. (The participation of women in construction, peacekeeping and consolidation operations (civilian and military aspects), including in international and regional bodies, is strengthened) includes the following activities:

  • Set up alert units within 300 female associations;

  • Train 500 women as mediators and negotiators;

  • Carry out an inquiry on female competencies in the domain of peace and security at all levels (local, regional, national);

  • Organise three award ceremonies for women having stood out in peace, security or conflict resolution missions;

  • Organise 10 advocacy sessions for the concerned administrations on the involvement of women in the prevention of conflicts;

  • Set up three online platforms for social media like Facebook and Twitter, to sensitise the public opinion on violence incidents reported, set up dialogue with women at national level and propagate knowledge related to it;

  • etc.

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