Afghanistan Civil Society Actors

NAP Development

The Steering Committee is the body responsible for the NAP development process where there is a civil society representative. In the drafting stage, civil society conducted several meetings with the Steering Committee and the Technical Working Group to review and provide substantive comments and inputs. No further detail is given to specify the nature of the role played by a civil society representative.

NAP Implementation

While there is no clear reference on the mechanism for civil society involvement, the NAP text lists civil society as one of the agencies to be fully or partially responsible for conducting specific actions. For instance, under the Strategic Objective “Enhancing Women’s meaningful participation in the reconciliation, negotiation, and re‐integration at all levels”, civil society organisations are assigned the action of “Establish a national roaster of potential women negotiators from all 34 provinces”.

NAP Monitoring and Evaluation

There is no clear reference for how civil society will be involved in the monitoring and evaluation process. However, the government recognises the important role of civil society as an independent oversight body for the successful implementation of the NAP.

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