Cameroon – Civil Society Actors

  • NAP Development

The drafting process was launched on 15 November 2016, with participation of the members of civil society and officials of international organisations. The main data for the NAP development process was compiled by WILPF Cameroon in the format of a study which enabled the evaluation of the level of knowledge of the concerned Resolutions and the identification of specific needs and problems of women living in conflict zones.

  • NAP Implementation

Civil society is part of the Interministerial Committee charged, which means once a year. Results, Indicators and Resources Framework also mentions civil society as a partner in implementing specific objectives, including organising 100 capacity building sessions on the culture of peace (1.1.ii) and organising radio and television debates on SGBV and their impact on the development of the country (2.1.ii).

  • NAP Monitoring and Evaluation

Civil society does not have an important role in the monitoring and evaluation process.

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