Cameroon – Objectives

By 2020, the commitments of Cameroon towards Women, Peace and Security are to be realised through the following objective:

  • Objective 1: The leadership and participation of women in the process of prevention and management of conflict and post-conflict situations, to construct peace and social cohesion;

  • Objective 2: The scrupulous observance of international humanitarian law and legal instruments for the protection of the rights of women and girls against sexual violence and gender-based violence during periods of armed conflict;

  • Objective 3: A better integration of the gender dimension in emergency aid, during reconstruction in the course of, ad after, armed conflicts as well as in the management of the past;

  • Objective 4: The strengthening of institutional mechanisms and the collection of quantitative and qualitative data on the consideration of gender in the domains of peace, security, prevention and resolution of conflicts.

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